EC Application Procedure

Step 1
Developers will announce the sales launch in the newspapers and on the website. You can contact us before sale launch to find more information on:
- Indicative prices
- Preliminary designs
- The number of units of EC offered

Before you make an EC application, check if you are:
Eligible to buy an EC from a developer
- Eligible to apply for CPF Housing Grant
- Able to obtain a bank loan
- Able to pay:
the option fee downpayment, and other costs related to the purchase such as:
- Legal fees
- Resale levy
- Stamp Fee
- Resale Levy (if any)
Step 2
You must submit an application with the developer.  Developer has the choice to offer the units via balloting or walk-in selection.
Step 3
Developer will invite you to book an EC and sign the Option to Purchase (OTP).
You will have to submit the application form for CPF Housing Grant to the developer, if eligible.
Step 4
Developer will submit your application to HDB for approval.
Step 5
You will be invited by the developer to sign the Sale and Purchase Agreement. You have to submit:
- A Letter of Offer if you are obtaining a housing loan from banks
Step 6
The developer will invite you to collect the keys when the EC is completed.